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Keeping up momentum in the September – December slog

It’s fair to say, 2021 has been far from a normal year by any stretch of the imagination, but as the summer holidays come to an end, kids return to school and annual leave is pretty much exhausted, the countdown to the festive break begins. As workforces readjust to life

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Why September’s a great time to recruit

With 20 years in the business, we’re well versed in the peaks and troughs in demand for our services, and September is always one of those months where it all goes a little bonkers! So why is September such a great month to recruit new talent? Time to reflect With

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Graduates getting down to work

Graduation can be a mixed bag of emotions – with some thoroughly excited by prospect of setting out on their planned career path, and others rather daunted by it and unsure of which direction to go in. It’s safe to say, that even for those with a clear vision of

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What is the formula for successful hybrid working?

When it comes to learnings from the last 18 months, one of the biggest has to be that contrary to traditional beliefs, workforces can not only be trusted to carry out their work from home successfully, but many individuals actually thrive on it. But it’s safe to say, there will

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Starting to sizzle?

How to keep cool at work in a heatwave When it’s hotter than a crispy Cumberland from uncle Dave’s ‘well done’ weekend BBQ efforts, we all need a little helping hand to stay comfortable at work. Whether you’re WFH or in the office, scroll on down to discover some great

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Workplace red flags: How to spot toxicity in your workplace

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you might be misguided to think that working all hours is a positive thing. Let us explain why. Since the start of the pandemic, the UK workforce as a whole has undergone a substantial shift in their work ethic. Reprioritising home life over

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How to successfully negotiate a pay rise

The marketing industry is rife with high performers and go-getters but the subject of salary negotiation is notoriously a delicate one. And you wouldn’t be alone if you felt unsure about how to broach the subject with your bosses. You’ve been absolutely bossing your job, meeting deadlines, hitting targets, putting

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Take your dog to work day

Waggy tails make light work

Once upon a time, pets in the office would’ve been frowned upon as seriously unprofessional, but these days, having a furry face about the place is a lot more common than you might think (and no, we’re not referring to Mike in Accounts’ penchant for a beard). So, who are

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Tips for nailing your dream job in a candidate driven market

Great news for job-seekers! After what can only be described as a catastrophic year for employment in 2020, things appear to have bounced back with a vengeance! With so many opportunities out there in the marketing, creative and digital sectors, as a candidate, you’re in a strong position to secure

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Candidates drive the jobs market. What it means.

Hands up who’s loving life now that lockdown restrictions have massively relaxed? Yep – You too? With the easing of lockdown, we’ve seen a great recovery in the job market too – which has also got to be good news right? Absolutely!! For job seekers there are lots of brilliant

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Copywriter and Content Creator recruitment

Copywriters & Content Creators. What’s the difference?

When it comes to recruiting a wordsmith that meets your business needs, it pays to know what you’re looking for. Sure there are some similarities between a Copywriter and a Content Creator – more so when it comes to the well-penned, but there are some distinct differences. The Marketing Copywriter

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National Learn at Work Week Wins

It’s National Learn at Work Week this week, and we know there are lots of great initiatives to ensure the continued learning and development of employees within your business. Encouraging your teams to learn new skills, explore new ideas and connect with a variety of industry professionals is vital –

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Why workplace diversity means more than just equality

When it comes to recruiting new talent, many businesses can find themselves unwittingly oblivious to the matter of diversity in the workplace. Some might think its merely a matter of race, gender, marital status, religious background or sexual orientation and some might overlook these factors altogether. Regardless – there’s a

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Managing stress while job-searching

Did you know? April is National Stress Awareness Month? Life can be stressful at the best of times, never mind throwing job hunting into the mix. Whether you’re eager to move on from your current role or find yourself unemployed and overwhelmed by the worries that that situation brings, stress

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Job search tips, Marketing Jobs, Creative Jobs, Technical Jobs

10 tips for smashing it on your job search in 2021

2020 was nothing short of a shocker – with job losses and redundancies here, there and everywhere, but you’ll be pleased to know things are already looking up. If you’re among the many who have found themselves jobless as a result of redundancy or have simply come to your senses

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Internal Communications jobs

Are Internal Comms on the increase?

The rise of remote working. Ever changing government guidelines. Increased mental welfare concerns. It’s no wonder internal communications have become a priority for businesses over the course of the last year. Here at INBOX Recruitment, we’re seeing a huge surge in demand for expertise in this area and here are

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